Keke Palmer Responds to Rumor ABC Canceled 'Strahan, Sara and Keke' Over Black Lives Matter Comments

Hustlers star Keke Palmer responded to rumors that ABC canceled the talk show, Strahan, Sara, and Keke because Palmer was vocal in her support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The show was reportedly canceled earlier this month, and some fans believed the move was connected to her activism. However, she clarified the situation, telling fans this was not the case and explaining her unique contract situation with ABC's parent company, Disney.

"The reality is I was never signed to SSK as one would a seasonal show," Palmer explained. "This business is dynamic and instead of thinking of me as a 'series regular' see me see me as a brand that works with the corporation Disney/ABC News and this particular show I was on is no longer." According to Palmer, her relationship with Disney and ABC News has not died but evolved.

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Although Palmer said she does not like discussing the minutiae of Hollywood, she felt this was an issue to speak out so no one else feels that speaking out could cost them a job. "I'm sure it can and has before, but let's also recognize when it has not," she wrote. "That way more of us with our own minds speak out against any injustices we see." Palmer later continued, "Trust me, walking in my truth has always made my blessings OVERFLOW and connect to those that are like-minded and not with those that are not. Do not believe this lie. Stay courageous and stay true because GOD HAS YOU ALWAYS."

Palmer has participated in several protests since George Floyd's death inspired protests against police brutality and racial inequality across the county. In June, a video of Palmer at a Los Angeles protest went viral, showing her asking a National Guard member to join the protesters' march. She also published a guest column at Variety on June 9, arguing that kneeling to show support is no longer enough.

"White supremacy is the longest-lasting oppression in America, but it is not the only one," Palmer wrote for Variety. "We may not all share in the Black experience of this, but I can guarantee you, almost everyone in this country has been oppressed in some form or another. It's the reality of what happens when the illness of racism becomes validated through the system."


Palmer joined Good Morning America hosts Michael Strahan and Sara Haines for SSK in August 2019 after her successful stint filling in for Haines during her maternity leave. The three continued hosting GMA's third hour until March when ABC filled the slot with a daily hour dedicated to the coronavirus pandemic. It has since been renamed GMA3: What You Need to Know. On July 2, Page Six reported the What You Need to Know format would become permanent.