Ireland Baldwin's Babysitting Attempt Ends in Bloody Failure

Ireland Baldwin shared a graphic photo on Instagram Friday morning that shocked the model's [...]

Ireland Baldwin shared a graphic photo on Instagram Friday morning that shocked the model's followers. The 25-year-old model said she suffered the injury while babysitting two boys for less than an hour. Baldwin does not have any children herself, but she is the older half-sister to father Alec Baldwin's six young children with Hilaria Baldwin, who are all under 8 years old.

"I babysat two 7-year-old boys for 45 minutes and it went like... [birth control]," Baldwin wrote alongside the photo. "When I grew up with your father and your uncles we called that... Tuesday," Baldwin's uncle, actor Billy Baldwin, joked in the comment. "What the hell????" artist Liz Castellanos wrote. "Boys," Baldwin simply replied.

Thousands of Baldwin's followers joined her celebrity followers in hoping she was not seriously hurt. "Omg, Are you ok? Kids are tough lol especially if they are boys! I hope you are ok," one fan wrote. "Wear a helmet next time," another suggested. "So you weaved when you should have ducked? I do hope you are alright," another typed.

Baldwin is the daughter of Alec and his first wife, Kim Basinger. Her father and Hilaria have six children, Carmen, 7; Romeo, 2; Leonardo, 4; Rafael, 5; Eduardo, 7 months; and 7-week-old Maria. Eduardo was born in September, while Hilaria announced Maria's birth on March 1. Maria was born via a surrogate.

In December, Baldwin posted a strong defense of her stepmother, who was criticized for creating a Spanish public persona, even though she was born in Massachusetts. During an Instagram Story at the time, Baldwin called Hilaria a "good person, a caring person, who has always respected my relationship with my dad" and said it was "pathetic" that people dug up old clips featuring Hilaria. "It's so pathetic that anyone would want to play detective and dig that deep into someone's life that they don't know, don't know anything about, don't know how they were raised, who they were actually raised by," Baldwin said at the time. "It's just kind of sad and pathetic."

Baldwin's babysitting injury was not the first time she shared a shocking selfie on Instagram. Back in August 2020, she shared a photo of her bruised face. She claimed she was "attacked by a woman who was high out of her mind on drug sand desperate for cash." Baldwin claimed the woman stole her belongings before jumping into a car. There were witnesses at the scene who helped Baldwin, and she said police arrested the woman.