'Halloween Kills' Star Jamie Lee Curtis Has a New Horror Project in the Works

After decades as the reigning Scream Queen, Halloween Kills star Jamie Lee Curtis has a new project in the works that fans will be excited to learn about. This fall readers will be able to pick up Mother Nature, an "eco-horror" graphic novel that Curtis has co-written with filmmaker Russell Goldman. The book is illustrated by artist Karl Stevens and has been adapted from the script for an upcoming Comet Pictures and Blumhouse horror movie, also titled Mother Nature, which Curtis is directing.

Mother Nature follows Nova Terrell, a teenager from the fictional town of Catch Creek, New Mexico who has grown up to despise the Cobalt Corporation, "after witnessing her father die in mysterious circumstances" on one of the "company's experimental oil extraction projects." Cobalt has a reputation for being "benevolent," and Catch Creek citizens rely "on for its jobs and prosperity," but Nova is less trusting than her fellow small town residents. "The rebellious Nova wages a campaign of sabotage and vandalism against the oil giant, until one night she accidentally makes a terrifying discovery about the true nature of the 'Mother Nature' project and the long-dormant, vengeful entity it has awakened that threatens to destroy them all."

In a press release, Curtis shared the origins of Mother Nature and offered some insight into the project. "I first thought about this story when I was 19 years old," She explained. "I've always been aware of the very unbalanced relationship between humans and nature, and even though I was young, I always knew that, inevitably, nature would win." Curtis added, "I have long admired and collected Karl's work, and I'm very excited he suggested expanding the idea to turn it into a graphic novel. The partnership with Titan has now given us a wonderful platform to begin to tell our story."

Curtis is in store for a big fall, as, in addition to the Mother Nature graphic novel and film, the final film in the new Halloween trilogy, Halloween Ends, will debut. Curtis originated the role of Laurie Strode in Halloween (1978), which was directed by John Carpenter from a script he wrote with Debra Hill. In 2021, Curtis reprised the role in Halloween Kills, the sequel to Halloween (2018). 


The new films are a direct continuation of the story from the 1978 film, bypassing all the other films in the franchise that came after. Halloween Kills is currently streaming on Peacock. Halloweeen Ends is set to premiere in theaters on Oct. 14.