'Halloween Kills' Star Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Heartwarming Throwback Photos With Mom Janet Leigh

Halloween Kills star Jamie Lee Curtis recently took to social media to share some heartwarming throwback photos, including one with her late mom, Janet Leigh. Over on Instagram, Curtis posted some old Halloween photos from when she was a child. The second photo in the set is an adorable image that features the famous actress and her sister Kelly laying on their mom after a long night of trick-or-treating. 

"HAPPY HALLOWEEN!" Curtis exclaimed in the post's caption. She then quipped, "I never felt HOTTER than when I went trick or treating as a little Dutch girl." Curtis went on to share that when she was a kid her family would often throw her a "birthday party on Halloween as my birthday isn't for a month but because it falls near the Thanksgiving holiday." The biggest reason for this, she explained, was due to her friends not being able to come to her party. She then joked that "anyone who has a birthday near a holiday can attest" to feeling upset about this.

Further elaborating on the photos she shared, Curtis wrote, "I must've been around eight as I was missing my front teeth. Also, my mother hired a professional photographer to get group and individual pictures of each of the kids in their costumes and the before at the early dinner and the after picture, where my sister, Kelly and I are exhausted from our candy hunt with our tired mom posing as a tired mom. The joys of innocence. The thrill of wearing a costume."

The Halloween star eventually concluded her post by writing, "Can't wait to see what people will wear this year. Be safe everyone. Love and misses to my mother, the OG SCREAM QUEEN, Janet Leigh!" Notably, Leigh was a legendary actress who is most famous for playing Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcock's horror masterpiece, Psycho (1960). Crane was the woman who Norman Bates stabbed to death in the film's iconic shower-murder scene.

Just 18 years later, Curtis would take the "scream queen" torch from her mother by starring as Laurie Strode in the original Halloween, which was directed by John Carpenter from a script he wrote with Debra Hill. This year, Curtis reprises the role in Halloween Kills, the sequel to Halloween (2018), which was a direct continuation of the story from the 1978 film, bypassing all the other films in the franchise that came after. Halloween Kills is currently playing in theatres, as well as streaming on Peacock.