Jamie Lee Curtis Eyeing Another Horror Franchise After 'Halloween Kills'

Jamie Lee Curtis might be one of the original Scream Queens, but she is eyeing a completely different type of horror role. Curtis has collaborated with director David Gorden Green on the latest Halloween trilogy, and his next film project after Halloween Ends is released next year is a sequel to The Exorcist starring Leslie Odom, Jr. Curtis opened up to Entertainment Weekly and explained that she wanted In on the project, but not In a role that people might expect. 

Curtis explained that she has long been afraid of horror films, the original version of The Exorcist especially. "I'm brave, but I am afraid of scary things," she admitted. "When I was 15, my parents [legendary actors Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis] screened The Exorcist and my friends teased me the next day because I was so freaked out. I loathe being scared by scary movies."

Despite this ironic level of fright, Curtis wants to face those fears and voice the demon that possesses Regan in The Exorcist, originally played by Oscar-winning actress Mercedes McCambridge. "Maybe I should be the voice of the devil like Mercedes McCambridge," Curtis mused. "You see, if David gives me a part in the new Exorcist trilogy as the voice of the devil, then it is a full-circle return for me, in a meta way. That would blow people's minds."

Entertainment Weekly followed up with Green, asking If his leading lady had mentioned her idea. "Ooh, she has not!" Green said. "I'll have to get her to audition for that one. You know, she did the crying baby for the last Halloween movie, so she's a talented voice actor as well."


Curtis also mentioned her dislike of watching horror films, particularly The Exorcist, in a recent interview with Vogue. "Only because I scare so easily. I don't like to be frightened; I abhor it, to be honest," she explained When I was 15, my parents screened The Exorcist and my friends teased me because it scared the shit out of me. They'd run up behind me saying "Dimi, why you do this to me? Please, Dimi?" My first car was a 1972 Mercury Capri and the personalized license plate said—you guessed it—DIMI. And that's when I was a 16-year old scaredy-cat with no interest in the genre. So it's just ironic that I ended up making my living by being scared."