Emily Ratajkowski Opens up About Cheating Allegations That Led to Divorce

Emily Ratajkowski shared as much as she could about her separation from her estranged husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, in a new podcast interview this week. The supermodel responded to the cheating allegations against Bear-McClard that led to her filing for divorce, noting that she "had lines" that were crossed. Ratajkowski, 31, and Bear-McClard, 42, are parents to son Sylvester, 2.

The former couple married in February 2018. Ratajkowski filed for divorce in September 2022, a few months after they separated. In the latest episode of Going Mental with Eileen Kelly, Ratajkowski said the divorce was not finalized, so there are some aspects of the split she still cannot talk about for legal reasons. "But I think one day I will talk about it. I am somebody where that's how I process things. I think I'll probably write about it, if anything," she told Eileen Kelly, via Hollywood Life.

Rumors that Bear-McClard cheated on Ratajkowski surfaced amid news of their split. Although she did not specifically respond to those rumors, Ratajkowski said she was surprised how many women were shocked that a supermodel would be cheated on. "It was so interesting that that was the reaction to the news because I was just like...men are trash, ladies," she said. "It doesn't matter who you are or how perfect you are or whatever."

Ratajkowski "had lines" and she was willing to put up with some things, but there were "certain things" she could not. "I'm a very off-and-on person," Ratajkowski explained. "I will literally sit with people I love – friends, family, whatever – for so long, and if there's a line that's crossed, I'm like...ok, I'm out. For me, that was so clear [in my marriage] and it just became clearer and clearer and clearer. Which was good. It was really validating and helped me come back to myself in a way that was beautiful."

Elsewhere in the interview with Kelly, Ratajkowski admitted that she "didn't have the courage" to leave for a long time. "I was really, really unhappy," she said, via Entertainment Tonight. "I was, like, 100 pounds and I had just had a baby. I got really skinny 'cause I was not OK." She tried "everything else" to cure her unhappiness and took antidepressants.

"I was sure that something was wrong with me," Ratajkowski said. "I think so much of what I learned coming out of that relationship is to trust your instincts. Gaslighting is a real thing." She also said that sharing a child with Bear-McClard made it difficult as well.

Ratajkowski has been linked to several celebrities since she separated from Bear-McClard, including Pete Davidson and Eric Andre. Although she is dating again, Ratajkowski told Kelly it was more to feel fulfilled in her life than just to find another partner.

"I'm tired because I do spend the extra time to help me define who I am as an individual separately from my identity as a mom or as a professional in my career, and that means being a little more tired, but it actually makes me happier and is helping me come back to myself," Ratajkowski said, via Yahoo! Life. "That's what I'm doing, but some people I know, a lot of newly single moms are just like, 'Why would I date?' I'm like, 'I don't know. I don't have an answer for you.' But that's what I'm doing and it is helping me and I like it."