Elizabeth Hurley Looks to Cheer up Fans With 'Sunnier Days Ahead' Bikini Photo

As the coronavirus pandemic keeps people indoors and the long winter months continue to drag on, Elizabeth Hurley is hoping to cheer people up. The 55-year-old actress and model gave fans plenty to talk about on Sunday when she took to Instagram with a brand new bikini snap the showcased her envy for warmer weather.

Sharing the post with her 1.9 million followers, Hurley wrote, "cheer yourself up in these miserable times and treat yourself in anticipation of sunnier days ahead," while plugging a massive sale on one of her "favorite Lou Lou bikinis." In the post, the star could be seen flaunting her figure in a white bikini she posed on a white sand beach, crystal clear water just behind her, and her skin perfectly sun-kissed. Given recommendations from officials to limit travel to help slow the spread of the virus, Hurley assured fans, "no, I'm not on the beach, this was last Feb." The Daily Mail notes that the photo was snapped last year while Hurley vacationed in the Maldives.

The image immediately sparked plenty of chatter in the comments section, where one person dubbed Hurley a "sunshine beauty." Somebody else said she is "the most beautiful woman," with several others simply commenting, "gorgeous." Another fan quipped, "how did you become even more beautiful."

Amid the long winter months and coronavirus-related travel restrictions, the actress has seemingly been pining for sunnier and warmer weather as well as a spontaneous getaway. In fact, she became so stir crazy that she embarked on a "pretend vacation" in late January that lasted through early February, which entailed her "living vicariously through my camera roll for the next 10 days."


During her "pretend vacation," the model shared numerous throwback photos from her trips to the Maldives, India, and other locales, joking in one post that she was "having a wonderful time frolicking on the beach." As her pretend vacation drew to a close, she took to the social media platform to write, "time to return to the mud & fog of my beloved Herefordshire. Fingers crossed it will snow so it'll be bikini time again."