Elizabeth Hurley Is All Dressed up With Nowhere to Go Amid UK Lockdown

Elizabeth Hurley is well-known for bringing the glam to Instagram. In her latest post, the star donned a gorgeous silver and black dress. However, she even noted in her caption that the United Kingdom is going into another coronavirus lockdown, meaning that she's all dressed up with nowhere to go to show off her latest look.

On Tuesday, Hurley shared that she was celebrating the last night of having her Christmas decorations up. She also shared that she, like the rest of those in the United Kingdom, will be under new lockdown measures as COVID-19 cases continue to rise. However, as she also noted in the caption, she is making the best of the situation. Hurley previously shared that she was already quarantining with her family while celebrating the New Year, as she wrote that she was "drinking cocktails in my little family bubble."

The United Kingdom went into lockdown towards the end of 2020, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing that the country would be in a Tier 4 lockdown, which is the highest level of the nation's COVID-19 alert system. Under Tier 4, all non-essential businesses were forced to close and residents could not leave their homes until Dec. 30. This lockdown came as the United Kingdom saw a surge in coronavirus cases. Physicians in the country have even reported that there is a new, fast-moving strain of the virus. However, that strain is not believed to be more deadly than the original.

After Dec. 30, the country reviewed the lockdown measures and, a number of days later, announced that they would be in yet another lockdown until at least mid-February. On Monday, Johnson announced that the country would be going into Tier 4 lockdown again, meaning that schools will be closed to in-person learning and citizens will be tasked with staying indoors. The nation has also said that household mixing indoors will be banned and that only essential businesses will remain open. The prime minister said about these new measures, "I want to say to everyone right across the UK that I know how tough this is, and I know how frustrated you are, and I know that you've had more than enough of government guidance about defeating this virus. But now, more than ever, we must pull together."