Chris Pratt Injured in Movie Set Accident

Pratt 'caught a metal post to the ankle' while working on his new movie, 'Mercy.'

Chris Pratt might need to take it easy for a little while. On Thursday, the actor took to Instagram to share a photo from the set of his new movie, Mercy, showing off his injured ankle with an ice pack wrapped around it.

"Mercy filming day 4," The Guardians of the Galaxy star wrote in the post's caption. "I have such a great stunt team! AND I sometimes try to get in there and do some of my own stuff." He then offered some clarity on what happened, quipping, "Today, daddy caught a metal post to the ankle." Finally, Pratt added, "Should be interesting moving forward."

Pratt has since received a lot of comments from support fans and followers, with one person writing, "Dude you ROCK! Just get better and keep Being amazballs!!!! Feel better man!" Someone else joked that he took a "Pratt Fall."

Mercy is a new sci-fi film that follows "a detective (Pratt) who is accused of a violent crime, and must prove his innocence is a future where capital crime has swelled." The film is being directed by Timur Bekmambetov, from a script by Marco van Belle.

In addition to Pratt, Mercy also stars Rafi Gavron (A Star Is Born), Chris Sullivan (This is Us), Kali Reis (True Detective: Night Country), Kenneth Choi (9-1-1), Kylie Rogers (Beau is Afraid), and Annabelle Wallis (Blinders). Barring any more unforeseen on-set accidents, the film is set to hit theaters on Aug. 15, 2025.