Britney Spears Calls New Documentary Special on Her Life 'Untrue'

Britney Spears shared a handful of posts on Instagram Monday, including one calling out one of the new documentaries about her life as "not true." Although Spears didn't specify which one she was referring to, a source told TMZ she was writing about Toxic: Britney Spears' Battle for Freedom, which aired Sunday night. On Friday, FX and Hulu released The New York Times Presents "Controlling Britney Spears," and Netflix has Britney vs. Spears coming out on Tuesday.

"It's really crazy guys ... I watched a little bit of the last documentary and I hate to inform you but a lot of what you heard is not true," Spears wrote in the first version of her statement, reports Entertainment Tonight. "I really try to disassociate myself from the drama !!! Number one ... that's the past !!! Number two ... can the dialogue get any classier??? Number three ... wow they used the most beautiful footage of me in the world!!! What can I say .. the EFFORT on their part." Spears later deleted this first statement and posted an edited version that changed "I hate to inform you but a lot of what you heard is not true" to "I must say I scratched my head a couple of times."

The rest of the statement was the same in the original post and the edited version that Spears posted a few moments later. In the second half of the statement, Spears wrote about the mysterious red rose emojis she includes in many of her posts. She previously told fans Project Rose was a personal photo project. "The day I first posted The Rose Project a random red rose beaded bracelet showed up at my door and I never even ordered it," Spears wrote. "Nobody in the world knew about it except for me !!! I will never forget that day !!! I have the original Rose."

Spears included a video in which she posed wearing an all-white outfit. "Pssss wearing WHITE for NEW BEGINNINGS," she wrote at the end of the post. She added three white heart emojis. "New beginnings" might refer to the upcoming court hearing in her conservatorship case. Last month, her father Jamie Spears filed court documents in which he agreed to work with Spears' new attorney to find a new conservator. Earlier this month, Jamie also filed paperwork to end the conservatorship.


Spears' post did not reference allegations from "Controlling Britney Spears." In that documentary, Alex Vaslov, a former employee of the Black Box security firm Jamie and the conservators hired, claimed Spears' conservators had her phone and home bugged, even recording her conversations in her bedroom. On Monday, Spears' attorney Mathew Rosengart filed new court documents, suggesting the conservators may have committed a crime if they monitored Spears without her consent. The next hearing in the conservatorship case is set for Wednesday.