Brian Austin Green Defends Going on 'Multiple Dates' Following Megan Fox Split

While some seemed shocked that Megan Fox seemingly moved on pretty quickly following her divorce from longtime husband Brian Austin Green, the Beverly Hills 90210 actor now says he has already been on several dates since their split. However, he's now speaking out in his defense after he was accused of playing people when seen going on several dates with different women. On an episode of the "Hollywood Raw" podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn, he said the only reason he's getting accused of such things is that his life is under a microscope.

"What people normally do when they get out of [a relationship] is they date," Green explained. "They talk to multiple people at once, some people use dating apps, they talk to multiple people, they go on multiple dates, they spend time with people until you feel a connection with someone then something builds from there." He continued describing his situation as "unfortunate" because he is so judged because he's photographed so often, saying, "I'm not playing anybody. My life is just much more under a microscope than somebody else's. Isn't that dating?"

He added. "Aren't you supposed to talk to multiple people? It doesn't mean I'm a s—y person. That's what you're supposed to do, meet people and experience life. When you start finding commonalities with someone, then it becomes something bigger. You have to be willing to get out there and put yourself out there. But I get judged for it, I think, unfairly."

Surprisingly, Green admits he met some of the women he went out on dates with on Instagram and didn't realize the dating app-like capabilities it had until he became single. "I met both of them on Instagram," he confessed when talking about Courtney Stodden and Ting Louise. "I had no idea that Instagram was so much of a dating site until I was single. Up until then, I posted pictures of benches, trees, the ocean and my kids doing stuff here and there. I was a total married dad on it. All of a sudden I started getting DMs when Megan and I separated. [The DMs] started flowing in instantly, no shame in their game at all."

While those relationships were short-lived, he says that he is still very much single and ready to meet someone, while at the same time continuing to heal from his divorce and stay focused on his kids. Fox has already moved on with Machine Gun Kelly, as the two have been spotted together on several occasions showing affection for one another.