Billy Baldwin Says Sam Elliott 'Makes the World a Better Place' After Joe Biden Ad Goes Viral

In case you missed it, actor Sam Elliott lent his voice to a Joe Biden campaign ad, endorsing the [...]

In case you missed it, actor Sam Elliott lent his voice to a Joe Biden campaign ad, endorsing the former vice president ahead of the Nov. 3 election. The ad, which featured the actor explaining why Biden is the best choice for all Americans, aired during Game 1 of the World Series on Tuesday night. Many Americans on both sides of the aisle subsequently spoke out about the ad, sharing their thoughts on Elliott's endorsement of Biden. On Twitter, actor Billy Baldwin even addressed the topic, writing that the ad showcases that Elliot "makes the world a better place."

Baldwin not only seems to be on board with Elliott's decision to lend his voice to the political ad, but he seems to be a supporter of Biden's campaign, as well. On Tuesday, Baldwin responded to the ad, which Biden posted on his Twitter account. He had nothing but kind things to say about Elliott, whom he wrote is an "incredible actor" and an "amazing human being." The actor also noted that the Road House star is one of the best in producing voiceover content in the entertainment industry. Baldwin ended his post by encouraging his followers to give the ad, and Elliott's voice, a listen.

In the ad, Elliott listed why Americans should cast their vote for Biden in the upcoming presidential election. "There is only one America," the actor says in the clip, with his signature resounding voice lending an extra dose of strength to the ad's message. While he spoke, images can be seen flashing on the screen that shows members of the American public, including young men and women and veterans. "No Democratic rivers. No Republican mountains. Just this great land, and all that's possible on it with a fresh start. Cures we could find. Futures we can shape. Work to reward. Dignity to protect. There is so much we can do, if we choose to take on problems, and not each other. And choose a president who brings out our best. Joe Biden doesn't need everyone in this country to always agree. Just to agree we all love this country, and go from there."