Adele Reveals the 'Power of Makeup' in Dramatic Transformation With YouTube Star NikkieTutorials

Adele is showing off the "power of makeup" in YouTube makeover session with beauty icon NikkieTutorials. The "Easy on Me" singer began the tutorial, published Thursday, with a completely bare face, as Nikkie explained she was going to be leaving one half of her face makeup-free while doing a full face of glam on the other half.

"You truly see the power of makeup when she does that with half my face for sure," Adele joked. Throughout the tutorial, Adele spoke candidly about her beauty routine, which now includes dying her brows at home. "I love a brow. But also if I don't dye my brows – like these are dyed – I look like Voldemort," the Grammy winner explained of her signature brows. 

Because they "go so pale and blonde" without attention, Adele revealed she learned how to dye her own arches during the pandemic. "I used to go every week because I really am fair. One day I did a load of research, watched a YouTube video, ordered all the products on Amazon. I do it once a week on my own now," she shared.

While the songwriter doesn't do much makeup when she isn't working, she did explain the idea behind her "staple" beauty look. "I just like a good eyeliner, like a liquid cat eye. A good contoured eye," she said, adding, "I just feel like it's my staple. Also, without bragging, I do have such great eyes for makeup. I have my nana's eyes. I have a real socket going on. I got it from my nana. Every time I meet a makeup artist they really go to town on my eyelids."

Getting her makeup and hair done for work is no joke when she does have to sit in the chair, taking "at least two hours" which can sometimes "creep up to three." When Nikkie finished her transformation, Adele was shocked at just how different the halves of her face looked. "Wow, that's wild!" Adele said, joking, "I look like the Joker – in a great way! You did that very, very quick. That's incredible!"


Nikkie, in the video description, gushed over getting to work with the music icon. "ADELE!!! – CAN SOMEONE PINCH ME??" she began. "I've been dreaming of working with Adele for YEARS now, so when she asked me to do her makeup to celebrate the launch of her new album '30,' I knew I had to come up with something special."