'The Ranch' Star Dax Shepard Reveals Rare Photo of Children With Kristen Bell

Dax Shepard posted a photo of his children on Instagram on Friday along with his wife, Kristen Bell.

Shepard and bell tend to keep their kids off of social media and out of the public eye whenever possible. They rarely feature on the family's social media posts or accompany their parents on big public outings. On Friday, however, Shepard broke that convention with a heart-warming photo of Bell standing with their two daughters, all wearing matching denim jumpsuits.

"Denim on denim on denim on denim on denim on denim on denim gawking at a hot rod wagon," Shepard wrote in the caption. "@jaylenosgarage would be SOOO thrilled."

(Photo: Instagram / Dax Shepard)

The picture showed Bell and their kids from behind, contemplating a wood-paneled station wagon in a sunny parking lot. It picked up over 136,000 likes from the couple's dedicated fans.

"Love everything about this picture!" one person wrote, adding the hashtags "parenting at its finest" and "keeping it real."

"You guys are one of my fav celeb [families] keep doing what u do," added another.

"I [love] how you two can afford top shelf, but still mix in some blue collar stuff," a third fan noted. "Makes the little people feel a bit better about ourselves."

While Shepard and Bell may keep a low profile for their kids on social media, they do talk about parenting in the public eye quite a bit. Shepard hosts a podcast called Armchair Expert from the family's garage, and he and Bell often talk parenting on the air.

The family has been spending a lot of quality time together lately, in spite of the incessant cheating rumors Shepard was slammed with earlier this month. Julie Andrews' granddaughter, Kayti Edwards, spoke to The Daily Mail recently claiming that she had slept with Shepard in 2010, a few years into his romance with Bell.

Shepard and Bell have both vehemently denied Edwards' claim, and shown solidarity throughout the scandal. On Tuesday, they posted an adorable Christmas picture in matching green flannel pajamas. They wore Santa hats that read "Mom" and "Dad" respectively.


"Merry holidays from your mom and dad," Bell captioned the photo.

The scrutiny comes as Bell and Shepard continue their climb to the heights of TV fame. Both are in major roles on popular shows right now — Bell on The Good Place and Shepard on The Ranch — and neither shows any signs of slowing down. Part 6 of The Ranch is now streaming on Netflix, while The Good Place returns for its midseason premiere on Thursday, Jan. 10 at 9:30 p.m. ET on NBC.