Kim Kardashian Calls out Sister Kourtney in Teenage Throwback Photo

Kim Kardashian made a painfully honest post about her own teenage years on Instagram this week, blaming some of her biggest mistakes on her older sister Kourtney. The reality star shared seven photos from her youth in honor of National Daughters Day, dedicating them to "my mom and my daughters for when they are teenagers." She apologized for the growing pains she put her mother through, but proved that she is still bitter about at least one incident from those days.

"Mom - I'm sorry!" Kardashian wrote. "I remember being grounded here for Kourtney stealing your car just to drive it around the block and somehow even though I didn't participate I still got in trouble! So we had nothing else to do but do photo shoots in the garage. It was never me, I just listened to what my older sister said and friends. They were such bad influences and I was perfect and for that I'm sorry!"

Fans had a hard time gauging the level of sarcasm in Kardashian's post, but her family did not. Kris Jenner commented: "Oh the good 'ol days!!!! Thank the Lord we survived that stage!!!!!" Khloe Kardashian added: "Yeah you were a peach!"
The photos themselves show Kardashian in baggy distressed jeans hanging down below her waist, with a loose white t-shirt on top. She wore a black joker and dark makeup, matching her long black hair. She finished it off with junky skateboarding sneakers, a beaded bracelet and an authentic pager as a sign of the times.

Kardashian pleaded with her daughters in the post: "North and Chi please be easy on me when you're the age I was in these pics." Right now, North West is 8 years old while Chicago West is 3 years old. Kardashian and Kanye West also share a 5-year-old son named Saint and a 2-year-old son named Psalm.


Coming from a large family herself, there's no doubt that Kardashian is anticipating some sibling rivalry and hijinks amongst her children as they grow up. That tension can stretch well into adulthood, as fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashians know well. Accordingly, Kourtney has not yet commented on Kim's playful post or responded to it publicly in any way. Keeping Up With the Kardashians may be finished, but the family's drama continues to hold fans' attention wherever it permeates.