Khloe Kardashian Facing Backlash for Selling Her Daughter's Used Clothes

Khloe Kardashian is facing fresh criticism, this time for selling her daughter True Thompson's used clothes for eye-popping prices. The clothes were listed on Kardashian Kloset, a website the Kardashian-Jenner family launched to sell some of their luxury designer clothes. One of the most expensive items fans noticed was an Aristocrat Kids dress with a $556 price tag, reduced from $695.

Back on Jan. 14, Kardashian tweeted a link to the Kardashian Kloset site, confirming that some of the clothes were worn by 3-year-old True. "Omg I miss seeing True in these outfits," she wrote. Aside from the Aristocrat Kids dress, Kardashian also put up for sale a pair of Fendi Kids jeans for $495, even though the Fendi website lists the jeans for $275. She also listed a Givenchy sweater and Balmain skirt for $495 each, but the prices were slashed in half for a sale, notes BuzzFeed News. There was also an Oscar de la Renta dress listed at $396 and a pair of Gucci tennis shows available for $250.

Considering almost every member of the Kardashian family is worth millions, many found it distasteful for Kardashian to try to make money off of used clothes when she could donate them to a good cause. "Wow you gotta be some kind of way if you can't donate to a woman's shelter or a good will," one fan wrote on Instagram.

"This makes me sad. What a wonderful example she could be to so many parents by donating her child's clothing. She could shine a light on specific nonprofits who need children's clothing," another wrote on Instagram. "Also, as a businesswoman, she needs to fire her PR team."

One listing truly shocked critics. Kardashian really put up True's used Cat and Jack tights for $20, even though they are just $6.99 on Target's website. Kardashian even used a photo with the original Target price tag visible! "Twenty bucks for some cat and jack tights that Target sells for $6.99. What planet do you live on? Do better... donate this stuff," one Twitter user wrote. "Ummm the cat and Jack tights sell for $6.99 at Target, why are you listing them at $20?" another Twitter user wondered.


Kardashian welcomed True in April 2018. True's father is Tristan Thompson. On Thursday, a source told PEOPLE she will "never take him back" after Thompson's latest scandal. Earlier this month, Thompson confirmed he is the father of Maralee Nichols' son, who was conceived while Kardashian and Thompson were still publicly together in 2021.