John Mulaney Shares Mother's Day Tribute to Olivia Munn

Comedian John Mulaney published a tribute to girlfriend Olivia Munn on Sunday to mark Mother's Day. The two stars are parents to 5-month-old son Malcolm Hiệp. Munn, 41, shared her own post on Instagram, thanking Mulaney for the fried chicken and biscuits he bought for her.

"Happy Mother's Day Olivia. Thank you for the greatest gift in the world," Mulaney, 39, wrote in his Instagram Story. He included a black and white photo taken at the hospital after Malcolm was born. Mulaney also shared a selfie with his son. "Malcolm loves you so much," Mulaney wrote. "He told me. Last week."

Munn shared photos of herself eating fried chicken and included a video of Mulaney helping to put Malcolm to sleep. "Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, but especially to the moms who are struggling with postpartum depression/anxiety, still wearing their maternity clothes because you've realized that the snap back is bulls— and so unreal, and feel insecure as they scroll through Insta today realizing they don't have the energy, creativity or brainpower to post a beautiful pic of motherhood," Munn captioned the post before thanking Mulaney.

On Monday, Munn shared a photo the couple took inside a public bathroom, with Mulaney carrying Malcolm. "A single-occupancy public bathroom that locks... a luxury for parents," Munn captioned the post.

Munn has been vocal about her postpartum experience on Instagram, often making fun of Instagram influencers who try to present a perfect life after welcoming their babies. In April, she poked fun at the "snapback" hashtag by posting a picture of herself wearing Mulaney's pants and flannel jersey while grocery shopping. "No lie, I thought I was holding it together pretty good until I saw this photo," she wrote. "I thought the wedge sneakers made me look a little more pulled together but I was wrong."

Mulaney and Munn have been dating since at least May 2021, around the same time he and his estranged wife, artist Annamarie Tendler, announced their separation. They welcomed Malcolm on Nov. 24. Tendler appeared to reference the situation with her Mother's Day post, which included a March 2021 photo of herself wearing a blindfold and cradling a dog. "A photograph for everyone who feels all the weird vibes on this day. It's ok to sit with those," Tendler wrote