Hilaria Baldwin Breastfeeds Her 2 Babies, Jokes There's a 'Line at the Dairy Cafe'

Hilaria Baldwin clued fans in on the struggles of motherhood on Tuesday in her latest Instagram Story. The 37-year-old shared a photo of herself breastfeeding one of her babies with the other waiting eagerly for their turn. Hilaria joked: "There is a line at the dairy cafe."

Hilaria and her husband Alec Baldwin are raising two babies right now — 10-month-old Eduardo "Edu" Pao Lucas and 4-month-old María Lucía Victoria. Both need a lot of Hilaria's time and attention, and she takes it in stride without missing a chance to joke about her role. She used an Instagram sticker to cover up anything that might have shocked her followers, though her focus was clearly on the two babies huddling close together. In case anyone was fooled into thinking it was all just affectionate jostling, she wrote on another post that there was "some pushing too."

Hilaria has joked about her prolific breastfeeding schedule on Instagram before, sometimes calling herself a "cow" and complaining that she is "tired and thirsty." She once posted a photo of herself greedily drinking sparkling water with the caption: "Let me tell you something you might already know: breastfeeding two babies is no joke. I'm devouring any liquid I can get my hands on... But you all know that this is a favorite."

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin have six children together in total, so she is no stranger to this hectic early stage. They ended up with two infants at the same time in this case because Hilaria carried Edu conventionally, whereas María was born via surrogate. The couple has never explicitly stated why they went this route.

Whatever the reason, Hilaria has documented every step of her journey, admitting that two babies are far different from one. In one particularly resigned post back in March, she wrote: "Having two small babies is so fun and cute. there are also challenges. Like Lucia just had an explosion and I have Eduardo rolling around... so I'm just gonna lay here, covered in poop, entertaining Edu... until I get a genius idea how to get out of this [s—] situation."


Hilaria also keeps up on parenting stories and issues on her Mom Brain podcast, which is available on most major podcast apps. She co-hosts the show with TV host and author Daphne Oz, though there has not been a new episode for several months now.