Watch: Carrie Underwood Just Shared the Best Thing You'll Hear All Day

Sometimes the most beautiful music isn't music...the best way to start the day! ❤️️😂

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Carrie Underwood is one adoring mama and her latest social media post just gave fans a glimpse into her parenting life.

The Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter posted the absolute sweetest clip of what she calls "the most beautiful music" in an Instagram post shared Wednesday.

While fans and followers can't see anything in the video, it's all in the precious audio — a conversation of giggles between Underwood and her 2-year-old son, Isaiah. It is enough to make you seriously smile from ear to ear.

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In the video, the former American Idol winner captioned, "Sometimes the most beautiful music isn't music…the best way to start the day!"

And we couldn't agree more as Underwood can be heard playing with her son saying, "I'm gonna get you!" before a flurry of giggles erupts. His hearty laugh not only has the singer in stitches before she says "I love you," but it's how she spends her undivided attention on him that is the real heart warmer.

Underwood's son celebrated his second birthday on Feb. 27. During his special day, the 33-year-old mom posted a heartfelt message for her and shared photos of his delicious birthday cake on Instagram.



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