Natalie Portman Breaks Silence on Cheating Rumors About Husband

Speculation emerged last year that Portman's husband cheated on her with a climate activist.

Natalie Portman's marriage to Benjamin Millepied has been the subject of rumors. Reports surfaced last year that the choreographer cheated on Portman with Camille Etienne, a climate activist.

As a result of being spotted without their wedding rings, speculation about possible infidelity spread. Portman now seems ready to put the matter to rest. The Black Swan actress spoke with Vanity Fair about rumors of cracks in her marriage in an interview. The interviewer asked Natalie how she felt when the allegations first surfaced.

"It's terrible. I have no desire to contribute to it," she said. Despite neither confirming nor denying cheating in their relationship, Portman has demonstrated that she does not participate in rumors.

The French magazine Voici reported in June that 46-year-old Millepied and 25-year-old Etienne were having an affair after the two were photographed exiting his office together.

According to a People source, the affair was "short-lived," and Millepied is "doing all he can to get Natalie to forgive him and keep their family together." It is unclear whether Portman and Millepied are still together, as Portman appeared alone at the Golden Globes last month without her wedding ring. Despite this, the couple has worn their rings on and off since the infidelity rumors first surfaced.

The Academy Award-winning actress first came into contact with Millepied during the production of the film Black Swan in 2009. The pair were engaged within one year and announced they were expecting their first child. They later married in Big Sur, California, on August 4, 2012. The couple has two children, Aleph, 12, and Amalia, 6.

The actress also spoke with Vanity Fair about her love of Paris and Los Angeles, where she lives a very non-Hollywood lifestyle. "I lead a very non-Hollywood life in LA," Portman told the outlet. "I live on the east side. I have some friends who are in the entertainment industry, but many friends who are not, and we don't do industry things when we hang out. We're not going to Hollywood parties, we're having dinners at home in the backyard."

"I actually found that living there made my experience of LA much less 'Hollywood,' she continued. "When I would visit, it would only be for work, and I'd be staying somewhere in Beverly Hills, and I'd be having industry meetings and going to industry parties. Living there made my experience much more rounded and appreciative of all the city has to offer, from nature to the arts, food to music, and of course, the people." Hollywood veteran Portman won the 2011 Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Black Swan.