Natalie Portman and Her Husband of 11 Years Are Currently Separated

Portman and her husband Benjamin Millepied have reportedly not been able to reconcile since Millepied's affair.

Natalie Portman is separated from her husband Bejamin Millepied after his reported affair, but so far the couple hasn't moved forward with a full-on divorce. Reports that Millepied had cheated on Portman first surfaced in early 2023, and sources close to Portman told Us Weekly that she was not able to work through it and forgive him as she had hoped. Now she is considering the next steps carefully with a focus on her children.

"After news of his affair came out, they've been trying to work on their marriage but are currently on the outs," a source close to Portman and Millepied said. Portman has since been seen out and about on her own, even without her wedding ring at times. However, Portman hasn't filed for divorce yet and according to a report by The Daily Mail, it's because of the children. Portman hopes to settle on a custody arrangement and have a conversation with her kids so that they'll understand what is going on.

(Photo: DANIEL LEAL/AFP via Getty Images)

Back in June, reports broke that 46-year-old Millepied was having an affair with 25-year-old Camille Étienne, a climate activist. At the time, a source close to Portman said that she was "humiliated" by the story, but was "willing to see if she's capable of rebuilding her trust" in Millepied. They said: "Natalie believes Benjamin's affair was a brief and stupid liaison that means nothing to him."

Two months later, it may be that Portman has come to a different conclusion – or perhaps that she is still working through her feelings. Portman and Millepied share two children – 12-year-old Aleph and 6-year-old Amalia – and the insider also mentioned that Portman did not want her children to "grow up in a broken home."

Millepied is a French choreographer and dancer, and he and Portman met while filming the movie Black Swan together. After the project was finished they began dating in 2009 and married in 2012. The two lived together in Paris, France until at least 2013, though like many actors, Portman travels for work often. Millepied was the director of the Paris Opera Ballet for a time, but resigned in 2016. Portman even spoke of becoming a French citizen at the time, while Millepied revealed that he was in the process of converting to Judaism so that he and Portman could raise their children in the religion.

Portman and Millepied collaborated again in 2018 on the movie Vox Lux where the actress played a troubled pop star. Millepied was hired to choreograph the climactic dance sequence and the two spoke about training together on the press tour.

So far, Portman and Millepied have not responded publicly to reports of a rift between them. It's unclear where the couple stands.