Megan Fox Deletes Instagram After Sparking MGK Breakup Rumors

Megan Fox deleted her Instagram account on Sunday after implying that she had broken up with Machine Gun Kelly and stirring up fans everywhere. Fox unfollowed Kelly on Saturday night and deleted all of her photos with him, replacing them with a single post that suggested he had cheated on her. As news of this scandal spread online, Fox deleted her profile altogether, and as of Monday morning, it remains deleted.

Fox posted a carousel of three photos and one video on Saturday night – the pictures were taken in front of a mirror with a male friend and featured a poster about domestic violence in the background. The video showed a letter in an envelope burning in a small, contained fire. The caption was lyrics from Beyonce's 2016 song "Pray You Catch Me," which is all about infidelity. It read: "You can taste the dishonesty/ It's all over your breath."

It took a few hours, but eventually, this post caught fans' eyes, and many began to wonder what had happened. Upon closer inspection, they realized that Fox had deleted all of her photos featuring Kelly, even her recent post about getting engaged to him. In fact, when a report by Elle pointed out that Fox had left one two-year-old photo of the couple up, that one was deleted as well within hours.

The conversation about all this was reaching a fever pitch on Instagram and Twitter when Fox finally decided to delete her account altogether on Sunday. Sometime in the mid-afternoon on the west coast, her profile suddenly went dark. Some fans thought that all of this drama would turn out to be a stunt planned on conjunction with a Super Bowl ad campaign, but that didn't come to fruition.

So far, Kelly's profiles on Instagram and Twitter both remain active and unchanged. The rapper still has photos of Fox on his feed and has not commented publicly on the speculation about a breakup.

A report by PEOPLE confirmed that Fox was absent from Kelly's concert on Saturday night. However, the two were together on Friday night at Drake's Super Bowl party in Arizona. They were photographed leaving together and holding hands. The couple got together in March of 2020 and have had a whirlwind romance including a surprise engagement in January. So far, reps for Fox and Kelly have not made any public comments on this story.