Lake Bell and Scott Campbell Break up, Ending 7-Year Marriage

Lake Bell and her husband, Scott Campbell, are calling it quits nine years into their relationship. The couple, who tied the knot seven years ago, announced the breakup on Instagram Thursday. While many celebrities couples release identical joint statements, the Bless This Mess star and her tattoo artist husband each had their own words to share.

"After 9 years together, 7 years married, 2 sparkling children...Scott and I are ending our marriage, but continuing our loving family," Bell wrote in her note. "With respect and thoughtful guidance, we will continue to be parental comrades in arms and best friends for all of our days."

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Campbell shared a similar message, also noting their commitment to being "parental warriors." He wrote, "Nine years together, seven years married, two luminary children, countless miles, infinite laughs — I couldn't be more proud of every single of them. Now we find ourselves ending our marriage and transitioning the love and friendship we've always had into a new chapter. All the feelings are felt, and I have invincible confidence in us as parental warriors and as best friends for all our days."

Bell and Campbell met after he appeared on Bell's HBO series How to Make It in America. They soon became engaged in March 2012 and wed just over a year later in June 2013. They share two children together, a daughter, Nova, and a son, Ozgood.

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This breakup comes not long after Bell also faced another setback, albeit professionally. In May, ABC canceled her sitcom Bless This Mess, which she co-created (with Elizabeth Meriwether) and starred in. She confirmed the news on Instagram, recalling some of the wildest on-set moments.


"Friends. I feel grateful for the camaraderie that my sister [Meriwether] and I created in this show. I am so proud to know & have worked/hustled/laughed/cried with this cast & crew. I got pooped on by 7 different species of animals, got stabbed by Jim O’Hare while dressed like a buck, smushed my face in [Dax Shepard's] buttcheeks while he ran around sweating, got catapulted into a freezing pond with non-potable water and many many more... and, I’d do it all again. The news that Bless This Mess is done was a surprise but felt very 2020. Sending love & health & humor to you and yours. Thank you for watching. Stay safe."

Bell can be heard in the HBO Max animated series Harley Quinn, where she plays Batman villain Poison Ivy. She also recently appeared in an episode of Netflix's Medical Police and the CW special Make It Work!.