'Bless This Mess' Viewers Are All in After Episode 2

Bless This Mess saw Mike and Rio continue to struggle with their new farm lives, with fans continuing to delight from the show's unique comedy.

The second episode of the new ABC series, titled "The Chicken and the Goat" saw Rio (Lake Bell) and Mike (Dax Shepard) work on organizing their farmhouse and reviving the dead soil around the farm.

Rio also struggled with rekindling the more intimate aspects of their relationships, as well as getting used to Theresa, their screaming goat and the colorful townspeople.

Fans were immediately delighted by the show including a screaming goat joke, after years of it living strictly in memes and YouTube videos.

"BAHAHAHA I want a Teresa!" one user commented.

"Please please PLEASE keep Teresa in all shows!" another user commented.

"That goat screaming will never get old," a third user wrote.

While the goat, and her "best friend" the chicken, Angelica, stole the show during the second episode, much of the installment revolved around Rio attempting to bring intimacy back into her relationship with Mike, as the couple tried to bond with the townspeople by going to their first potluck.

Mike also seemed the help of his neighbors as he attempted to work on his field, accidentally offending some of them with his Internet-provided advice on farming.

After the forecast changes from possibility of rain to no rain in sight in the little town, Mike begins to freak out about the state of the farm, though Rio attempts to make him feel better by motivating him to spend more time with her.

"This isn't New York, we can't afford to be impulsive and do it in the bathroom of a Thai restaurant and then just go back out and order dessert," Mike says. "We gotta build the Thai restaurant with our own two hands if we want to do it in the bathroom."

Rio admits she is also freaking out as she sheet "out of place" in Nebraska, and he is the only person that can make things feel O.K. Despite her plea, Mike feels he can't leave his planning to go to the potluck.

As Rio continues to make a fool of herself at the party, Mike and Rudy (Ed Begley Jr.) find wisdom in Angelica and Teresa's friendship to learn that he has no control and he ends up going to the potluck to meet his wife.

Despite the town's continuing hesitation about their success as farmers, Rio comes to Mike's defense at the party and her bravery finally inspires Mike to get back in the saddle. Before they can get intimate at the barn, however, they are charged by a bull. The pair then watch as the bull gets intimate with all the cows at the barn, making things unbearably awkward.

At the end of the episode, Mike comes up with the idea to use chickens to fertilize their land.

"I really like this show," one user commented.

"30 minutes aren't enough," another user wrote.


"What a great show [Bless This Mess] Love the cast and storyline," a third user wrote.

Bless This Mess airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC.