Kristen Bell Responds to Troll Claiming She and Husband Dax Shepard 'Can't F–ing Stand Each Other'

Kristen Bell is coming to the defense of her marriage with husband Dax Shepard after a troll [...]

Kristen Bell is coming to the defense of her marriage with husband Dax Shepard after a troll suggested they don't even like each other. The heated exchange took place Wednesday after an Instagram user commented on PopCulture's Instagram post about a mural depicting her image on Shepard's Top Gear van, which Bell dubbed misogynistic. The post included a quote from Shepard's interview with PopCulture about Bell's reaction in which Shepard said "she wasn't thrilled with the level of 'female empowerment' that was depicted in that mural. Understandably."

While many laughed the comment off, one user in particular seemed to take issue. Taking to the comments section of the post, the user said "every piece of news I see about them talks about how they just can't f–ing stand each other." That user added that news stories suggest they "constantly fight, now this dude is apparently objectifying her as well," the final remark referencing the van mural, which shows a buff Shepard slaying a dragon while Bell clutches onto his leg. The user ended their comment by asking, "just what's the point? Straight people are so tragic."

Bell was quick to respond and clear the air about her relationship with her husband. The Bad Moms star said she and her husband "adore each other" and try to be "honest about how marriage, or companionship in any form, is hard sometimes." Bell explained that "you can't always be in control, or right, and it's important to us that we lead with the honesty of your 'perfect match' being a myth." She added, "You gotta work hard to love yourself, and love other humans. Xo."

Following the exchange, several fans rallied around Bell, with one person writing that they love the actress and Shepard "for always being transparent." Another person agreed with Bell's take on marriage, writing "any relationship after the honeymoon phase is a lot of work! You guys are total goals!"

Bell and Shepard, who married in 2013 and share daughters Delta and Lincoln, have put their marriage in the spotlight on numerous occasions. The couple recently revealed that they returned to therapy for a "brush-up," something Bell said they do "every couple of years." While wishing her husband a happy birthday in January, Bell had even applauded Shepard's "commitment to growth."