Did Amy Robach Receive a Larger Payout Than T.J. Holmes With ABC News Exit?

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach may have been equals in their gigs at ABC on GMA3, but their severance packages say otherwise. According to multiple reports, Robach earned a larger payout in her exit than her new boyfriend/former co-host. But it's not for reasons one may assume. According to Page Six, Robach's financial package was larger because her tenure at the network was longer. It had nothing to do with liability or work performance, allegedly. A source told the outlet that Robach had been at "ABC a lot longer and has a much bigger contract [than T.J.]."  She joined ABC in 2012, eventually co-hosting GMA3, appearing as a contributor on 20/20. Holmes joined the network two years later 2014. The exact figures of their respective settlements are being kept under wraps. "It's possible they could have gotten paid slightly more to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) — and to keep the peace," an insider added. Both reportedly received a little more than what they bargained for, however. 

Despite the scandal, Robach and Holmes' love affair is still going strong. They've been seen holding hands and kissing with cocktails in hand. The couple even spent the 2023 holiday season together, and have met one another's close family members. But sources on Robach's side say her friends are worried about the long-term damage this could do to her career and warn her about Holmes' lack of ability to stay faithful. A fourth colleague has come out with allegations about a relationship with Holmes, while he was married to his estranged wife, Marilee Fiebig. 

Page Six reports that her friends believe she is "painting a picture of how happy in love they are," but they fear her career may be permanently damaged and not worth the fallout her relationship with Holmes has caused. The report notes that Robach "is still saying this is it… [they're] the real deal, but it's starting to feel maybe more like — instead of [her] being a firm believer [of their love], now it's more like she's trying to convince herself that's the case." Another insider says otherwise, stating that Robach and Holmes, "they love each other" and say they are "best friends."

In the wake of reports that Holmes gifted Robach a promise ring to further solidify his commitment to her, a source says of the scandal: "They're two consenting adults who ended up loving each other. They were both going through their own hell [in difficult marriages]. They've been there for each other."