Carson Daily Told His 'The Voice' Co-Stars Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Not to Date

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are currently planning their wedding after becoming engaged in October, though if they had listened to one of their good friends early on in their relationship, that might not be the case today. During an appearance on the TODAY Show, anchor and The Voice host Carson Daly revealed that he had a conversation with Stefani and Shelton when they began dating where he actively discouraged them from seeing each other.

"Five years ago, when you started to date Blake, you'll remember this, we went back to your house, your old house in LA, and I sat you and Blake down in the kitchen," Daly recalled to Stefani and Today co-anchors Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb. "And I said, 'You guys, pump the brakes. This is not good. This is not going to work.'"

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"And I looked at Gwen, and I said, 'You're much, much too good for this guy. You're smart. You're intelligent. You're one of my oldest friends,'" he continued, joking, "And then there's Blake."

Thankfully, the couple didn't take his advice. "What don't I love about Blake, and what don't we all love about Blake? I feel like it's very mutual in the room right now, Hoda," Stefani gushed. "He's just such a good guy. He's one of the most generous human beings and down to earth. It almost sounds generic, but it's just so true."

"He's so gifted and so unique and talented and he really just is my best friend, and I feel just so excited that I have someone in my life that now I have a chance at happiness for a long time to come. It's just a blessing, the whole thing, and it is a miracle," she continued. "And yes, Carson, you witnessed that. It's weird how things happen, and you just don't see things that are right around the corner after such devastation, you know what I mean?"

Stefani and Shelton got to know each other while they were both going through divorces — Stefani from Gavin Rossdale, with whom she shares three sons, and Shelton from Miranda Lambert. Because of that, Stefani admitted that there was "a lot to consider" when it came to deciding whether to get married again.

"And, so, I think in a romantic way, when you fall in love so hard and so unexpectedly, it's so late in your life, and I think you can relate to this, you think, 'I want to marry you! Like, now!'" she said. "That's the first romantic reaction, like, 'Let's get married!'"


"So, we always talked about it, of course," Stefani shared. "Then as the years were going by, it was sort of like it didn't need to happen. There was a lot of healing to do."