'Game of Thrones' Star Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Are Not 'F—ing Around' Amid Coronavirus Fears, Reported Pregnancy

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas aren't messing around when it comes to taking precaution amid the coronavirus spread. The expecting couple, like many across the country, are doing what they can to limit exposure both to themselves and to others. The Game of Thrones actress shared a snapshot on her Instagram story of the two in the car wearing face masks.

The image, which went up on Sunday, also had a caption to go along with it, "No f—ing around. Stay safe everyone." The couple's reported pregnancy was first shared on Feb. 12 as sources to Just Jared revealed the news.

"The couple is keeping things very hush hush but their friends and family are super excited for them," one source said, with another adding that, "Sophie has decidedly been choosing outfits to wear on and off the carpet to accommodate her changing body."

(Photo: Sophie Turner / @sophiet)

Since that story broke, the couple has yet to publicly speak on the pregnancy even after sharing some Valentine's Day posts.

As for Jonas and the Jonas Brothers band, the trio came to the decision to cancel their upcoming Las Vegas residency. The group was set to appear at Park MGM between April 1 to 18, but made the announcement that they would be forgoing that schedule amid the coronavirus spread.

"We did not make this decision lightly," the band stated. "We were so excited for the opportunity to share an amazing show with you guys, but nothing is more important than everyone’s health and safety. we are sad to disappoint you guys, but it’s important to everyone to do what we can to keep everyone healthy."

Turner and Jonas aren't the only celebs reacting to the news around the growing concern over COVID-19. Tori Spelling of Beverly Hills, 90210 fame was in a different predicament — one that many around the country are dealing with. Spelling shared in an Instagram post that she has struggled to find toilet paper amid the increased demand in cleaning and paper supplies.

"We're all sick and the kids' schools are closed, so we're all home," she said during a video she uploaded onto her story. "And it's raining. And the stores are out of toilet paper and we have seven butts to wipe and no toilet paper to be found."


With the growing efforts of doing all that can be done to limit the exposure of the virus, many schools and businesses have begun to shut down. Both Disney World and Disney Land announced that they would be closing up shop for two weeks, while all of the active professional sports leagues followed the lead of the NBA and halted their operations.

Photo Credit: Getty Images