Matt Hardy Appears Primed for "Broken" Return

It looks like the Woken Universe may finall become the Broken Universe again after all.

Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff returned to WWE last year to the shock of fans worldwide at WrestleMania 33. That return saw the Hardy Boyz return with virtually the same look and characters as when they left the WWE several years earlier. All of this despite the fact that Matt and Jeff had gotten new characters (Broken Matt and Brother Nero) over on the independent circuit and with Impact Wrestling.

A legal challenge from Impact had kept Matt and Jeff from using the characters that they had made so popular over the last couple of years. Eventually, WWE decided to move forward with an off-shoot of the characters anyway, at least with Matt (Jeff has been out injured, though he's due for a return soon). So therefore we had the creation of "Woken" Matt Hardy.

To say the character hasn't caught on like it did on the independent scene would be an understatement.

Even so, it looks like WWE will try one more thing in getting the Woken Universe over with the fans: returning it to its Broken Universe beginnings. Following Impact dropping all claims to the character, Matt Hardy appears primed to change "Woken" back into "Broken" in the coming weeks.


He teased that much on Twitter Wednesday evening.

Will it make a difference with the WWE fans? That remains to be seen. Matt continues to be involved in a feud with Bray Wyatt for the time being, and it would be fair to say that both guys momentum has stalled in recent months. Could we see them eventually form an alliance? After all, The Bar could really use a fresh team to defend their tag team titles against at WrestleMania.