Jeff Hardy Cleared by Doctors to Return

We are watching a WrestleMania moment unfold before our eyes—Jeff Hardy is healthy.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, was cleared by his surgeon to officially make his return to WWE action. All that’s left is Hardy getting the OK from WWE and their medical staff.

This marks the next logical data point in Hardy’s big comeback. Last week, we learned Hardy began in-ring training. We’re not sure what that looks like—maybe Swanton bombs off of flaming ladders—but we’ll take it as a positive sign.

Surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff has kept Hardy sidelined since October. However, his estimated recovery time was between 6-9 months—and April marks month number seven.

It certainly feels as if Jeff will be back very soon, perhaps even before April 8th’s WrestleMania. His brother, Woken Matt Hardy, just booked a Final Deletion with Bray Wyatt and that may be the perfect place for Jeff to reappear.

Like his eccentric brother, Jeff also has an alter ego that resides in the Woken Universe: Brother Nero. Given that Hardy and WWE have the rights to all of the Woken intellectual property, and rumors indicating WWE intend to use him as Nero, we can safely assume that Jeff will align with bizarre, yet popular brother.

He may be walking into a fruitful gig, too. Matt has fought vehemently to build momentum for his Woken character and WWE rewarded him with an Elimination Chamber victory over Bray Wyatt. For the near future, expect Matt and Bray to keep their odd rivalry alive, but when Jeff comes back, WWE will have to pivot.

RAW Tag Team Champions, Cesaro and Sheamus have been begging for someone of value to challenge them for their belts. At the moment, RAW’s tag division is very thing, but if Matt and Jeff are destined to reunite, The Bar may not be able to find a more suitable opponent for WrestleMania.


The Hardy's blew the roof off of WrestleMania 32 with a surprise that few foresaw. Their prodigal return got even sweeter when the won the RAW tag team Championships.

Odds are, they'll look to recreate that magic on April 8th.