'Woken' Matt Hardy Challenges Bray Wyatt to a Match at Hardy Compound

Ever since Matt Hardy revived his "Broken" persona inside the WWE, fans of the enigmatic character have been wondering if the company will allow him to have a match at The Hardy Compound. Now they have their answer.

Following an easy victory over Rhyno on Monday Night Raw, Wyatt called out Hardy to avenge his loss at Elimination Chamber. Hardy popped up on the Titantron, saying that their "Ultimate Deletion" match could not be contained inside the WWE, but rather at the Hardy Compound.

For those who don't know Hardy used The Compound, which is Hardy's real-life home and surrounding acres of land in Cameron, North Carolina, as the site for a handful of matches during his time in Impact Wrestling.

The Compound first appeared in "The Final Deletion" in July 2016, where Hardy challenged his brother Jeff Hardy to match for control over the Hardy name. Hardy won, only after some shenanigans with fireworks.

The Hardys, who reunited after Jeff took on the "Brother Nero" persona, returned to the Compound in September for a match titled "Delete or Decay," where they managed to fend off the Decay faction of Abyss, Rosemary and Crazzy Steve.

The final in the trio of compound matches took place in December 2016, where the Hardys successfully defended the TNA World Tag Team Championships against a series of tag teams, known as "Tag Team Apocalypto."

They Hardys left Impact Wrestling at the start of 2017, and made their triumphant return to the WWE at WrestleMania 34 to win the Raw Tag Team Championships.

Due to legal issues over the trademark of the "Broken Universe," Hardy was only able to hint at his "Broken" for the first few months. He finally began to show signs of his old self in November when he debuted "Woken" Matt Hardy.


Based on the clips shown on Raw, the Compound Match could involve some staples of the Broken Universe, including Senor Benjamin (who is Hardy's real life father-in-law), Skarsgard the Dilapidated Boat, the drone VanGuard 1 and the Lake of Reincarnation.

There's no word yet on if "Brother Nero" Jeff Hardy will be involved in the Compound Match, given that he's still recovering from a shoulder injury he suffered back in September. The Wrestling Observer reported on Feb. 28 that Hardy has already begun in-ring training.