'Yellowstone' Star Teases Season 4 Release Date to Frustrated Fans

Yellowstone season four is still coming, there is just a delay with any information at this point. [...]

Yellowstone season four is still coming, there is just a delay with any information at this point. Paramount Network seems to be keeping any trailers and information under wraps as fans clamor for a premiere date. Viewers are frustrated by the lack of news, especially since the season wrapped production back in November. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is understandable why there is a delay.

But now, one of the show's stars is speaking out, teasing fans with potential news about season 4. They shouldn't get too excited, though, because it is just a tease at the end of the day.

One reason fans were on edge this year is the show's typical premiere during Father's Day weekend. Unlike past years, no dates, no trailer and no factual information has been shared regarding the next season. It's something actor Jefferson White noticed, leaving him to tease season 4 a bit and give fans hope that the wait will be worth it.

"Appreciate y'all!! Season 4 is worth the wait, I promise!!" White wrote in a comment on Instagram under a photo for his character, Jimmy Hurdstrom. Fans of the series were quick to post their feelings in response to the actor's message.

"I broke the news to folks at work today that the show wouldn't be on this weekend. You'd have thought someone died," one fan responded, while another added their feelings. "I can not wait. I miss this show and chatting with everyone else about it."

The post with White's comment was from earlier in the week. Fans did not stop leaving their thoughts, though, and used the show's Father's Day post to create some push for any news. "A great fathers day gift would be Season 4 dropping today like it should have been," one frustrated fan wrote. "JUST TELL US WHEN THE PREMIERE IS!!!!!!!!" another critic wrote.

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Another reason fans are likely on edge for the new season to begin may be connected to the cliffhanger ending to season 3. The Dutton clan was in distress and under attack by a hidden enemy. Gunshots and explosives rocked the members of the family, leaving their fate in the air. We may have already been somewhat spoiled about one specific Dutton, but that should be taken with a grain of salt.

For now, fans will just need to remain patient. Production may have wrapped up in November, but everything takes extra time due to the COVID-19 production guidelines and the team required to work behind the scenes. It can't be too long!