'Yellowstone' Season 4 Delay Speculation Sparked by New Update

Yellowstone Season 4 is still MIA, and a new production update might be a clue as to why. The Paramount Network has been a summer staple in recent years, with each season premiere airing between June 19-21. However, as of June 13, there is no premiere date in sight, despite main production wrapping up in late 2020. Now, a reshoot update spotted by Cinema Blend signals that Kevin Costner and company's work on Season 4 might not be done just yet.

The Facebook page Yellowstone Montana Extras posted an update on May 25, calling for extras for a June 10 and 11 shoot. The page, ran by Yellowstone's Lead Extras Casting Directors Tracy Dixon and Kelly Hunt, revealed this would be for "a protest scene" meant to be filmed in 2020. However, the initial shoot was canceled due to snow.

At the time, the casting department was looking for a wide variety of people. First were two female stand-ins, one for a White blonde and an Asian with black or brown hair. In the "protesters and press group, Yellowstone needed "college activists ages 18-23," "career activists ages 40-70," "millennial activists ages 24-35," "press ages 24-60" and "out of state activists" who were described as "San Francisco types urban, Hippies etc."

Law enforcement characters were also involved in the scene. To play FBI and SWAT agents, the production needs "Women ages 25-55 " with 27-28-inch waists, as well as "Men ages 25-55" with 30-38-inch waists and "NO larger shoe size 9-12." The clothing size requirements were due to the limited number of uniform costumes available. They also ask those filling in this category to be "in good shape" and have "conservative looks."


This big protest scene will apparently be part of Season 4, so maybe Paramount Network was waiting for this reshoot — as well as any others not made public — to be completed before revealing when Season 4 is out. It would also explain why the show missed its typical June target date, despite filming through the coronavirus pandemic. Whenever Yellowstone's Season 4 premiere date is revealed, we here at PopCulture.com will be sure to keep you in the loop. In the meantime, you can stream Yellowstone Seasons 1-3 on Peacock.

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