'Yellowstone' Season 5 Rumors Swirl, But Here's the Truth

Yellowstone Season 4 is just around the corner, but some fans are already wondering about Season 5 [...]

Yellowstone Season 4 is just around the corner, but some fans are already wondering about Season 5 of the Paramount Network drama. In fact, some questionable rumors that the show has already been greenlit have been floating around online in recent weeks. However, not all is what it seems. We have some good news and some bad news about those Season 5 rumblings.

The renewal rumors seem to stem from an article SpoilerTV published on March 11 with the headline "Yellowstone - Renewed for a 5th Season." The report is three sentences long and just claims that Paramount Network "quietly" ordered another season of the show. They even note no official press release has been posted. A Reddit user posted that article in the Yellowstone subreddit, and it garnered a sizable of upvotes.

Around the same time, FilmBook perpetuated that rumor in an article of their own with the headline "YELLOWSTONE: Paramount Network's Montana-based TV Series has been Renewed for Season 5." They don't give any concrete details or cite any other outlet, but they randomly use an unattributed quote from the SpoilerTV article. Another Redditor posted that article to the aforementioned subreddit on March 30, further pushing the narrative that the show's fifth season was a done deal.

Despite these articles and Reddit excitement, Paramount Network has not publicly announced Season 5. Furthermore, a Season 5 confirmation has not been reported by any major news outlet, including entertainment trades. This is bad news for Yellowstone fans worrying about the series' long-term future. However, they should not panic just yet.

While Season 5 isn't official, it is extremely likely that Paramount Network will give that order. Yellowstone is a massive success for the network, drawing big ratings and more buzz for the network than any other show. Furthermore, the show also receives revenue from its streaming deal with Peacock, further offsetting the drama's costs. Plus, spinoff shows 6666 and Y:1883 are in the works over at Paramount+, so you would imagine the flagship series would keep going strong to support their launches.

While there is no official word yet, Yellowstone fans shouldn't worry. Unless there is some massive scandal with a leading star or major contract disputes with the cast, it's hard to imagine a scenario where Yellowstone wouldn't return for at least two more seasons. With a following a large as Yellowstone, I would imagine Paramount Network would hype the final season as an event far ahead of time. Season 4 has not received that treatment thus far, so that's another hopeful sign.

All episodes of Yellowstone are currently streaming on Peacock, and the streaming service is offering a 7-day free trial. Season 4 does not have a premiere date yet, but fans will be able to tune in via any service that carries Paramount Network, such as FuboTV (which is also offering up a free trial). As for those aforementioned Yellowstone spinoffs, they don't have release dates, either. However, they'll stream on Paramount+, which has a free trial offer of its own.

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