Old Dominion, Like You, Is Waiting on Season 4 of ‘Yellowstone’

After a cliffhanger of an ending during its Season 3 finale, Yellowstone fans are eagerly awaiting [...]

After a cliffhanger of an ending during its Season 3 finale, Yellowstone fans are eagerly awaiting the fourth season of the Paramount Network show, including the members of Old Dominion. On Wednesday, the country group shared a TikTok documenting their anticipation, posting a clip of frontman Matthew Ramsey wearing a denim jacket, a cowboy hat and sunglasses, standing on a porch and sipping from a mug of coffee as the show's theme song played in the background.

"Waiting on season 4 of Yellowstone," text over the video read. In their caption on Instagram, the group invited fans to drop a cowboy emoji in the comments if they are a fan of the show, and the responses quickly filled up with the grinning, hat-adorned faces. Yellowstone was renewed for a fourth season in February 2020, and Chief Joseph Ranch, which serves as the set for the Dutton homestead, shared on Instagram in November 2020 that filming on Season 4 had wrapped. "Who is excited for the premiere in June?" the ranch wrote, indicating that the show will return in June 2021.

Ramsey is one of several country stars who have shared their love for Yellowstone, including Carrie Underwood, who told RADIO.com's Katie & Company that her and husband Mike Fisher's favorite character is Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser).

"We really got into Yellowstone, and we binged that for a while, but then we had to watch this past season. Appointment TV, I think is what they call it," she said, adding that she and her husband are partial to Rip because "he does bad things, but it's because he's so loyal." "It's like, he can do terrible things like kill people, but it's for the right reasons?" she continued. "Plus, he's like a manly dude.... a manly-man cowboy!"

Luke Bryan told the Chicago Tribune that Yellowstone's soundtrack has given him an idea for some potential new music. "I'm really into Yellowstone, and the music in Yellowstone, it's Texas music, cowboy music," the "One Margarita" singer shared. "I'm obviously not a cowboy, but it makes me wonder how I could do a really retro-sounding cowboy song that isn't just drums, bass, guitar and steel guitar. Or when I listen to The Weeknd, that sounds like Duran Duran to me — totally an '80s synthesizer. I'm always wondering, 'What's a fun little sound people haven't heard me do?'"