'Yellowstone' Season Finale: Kevin Costner Takes on Corrupt Sheriff in Opening Scene

Yellowstone's first season comes to a close on Wednesday night, and the Dutton Family is facing adversity from all sides.

The season finale's opening scene has been released online, and the show jumps right back into the investigation going on at the Dutton Ranch.

Fans will recall that they came across two doomed hikers clinging from a cliffside while hunting a bear in episode 7. The hikers fell to their deaths, and ranch hand Rip Walker was forced to take down the bear moments after as he stood on the cliff's edge.

Wildlife officials do not believe Rip's claim that he killed the bear in self defense, so they are investigating if he had true cause.

As the scene opens, we see the rotting and ravaged bear carcass on the ground. Rip, John Dutton (Kevin Costner), a wildlife officer and a local sheriff named Donnie.

The sheriff insists he did not find any evidence of shell casings where Rip shot the bear from.

"[I] didn't find anything 'cause I don't think he was standing there," Donnie insists.

John questions the sheriff's motives and re-enacts the scene with a rifle. She shoots off two shots from the kneeling position Rip took to see where the casings landed. As he suspected, the casings land next to the cliffside.

The Dutton patriarch then notices Donnie hiding something in his pocket.

"Give it to me," John declares as he storms up to the law enforcement official.

Out comes a bag with shell casings, and the sheriff quickly has some explaining to do.

"Just forgot to pick this up, sheriff? That's evidence," the wildlife officer says. "That is self defense, sheriff. I have no idea why you would want to disguise that."

Donnie claims he forgot he picked up the casings, a lie that no one believes.

"I forgot I picked it up, okay? Jesus Christ!" he says.

John then confronts the officer and demands answers of what he is actually up to.

"I ain't up to s—," Donnie says. "And that shell casing may get him off the hook with Fish and Wildlife, but I just pulled two dead bodies out of that canyon, and I ain't taking your muscle's word about what happened."

John then accuses of him of being bribed by the sporting club to frame Rip, to which Donnie has a less-than satisfactory answer.

"I'm starting a list, Donnie," John says. "You just made your way on it."

John walks away with Rip and expresses his frustration and concern that multiple local parties are targeting him at once.

"The whole county's turning on me, Rip. The whole f—ing place," John says.


Yellowstone airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network.

Photo Credit: Paramount Network