'Yellowstone' Fans Will Notice Familiar Face in 'Minari'

Yellowstone fans who check out the awards-contender Minari might recognize a familiar face in the [...]

Yellowstone fans who check out the awards-contender Minari might recognize a familiar face in the supporting cast. Minari, directed and written by Lee Isaac Chung, tells the moving story of a Korean American family that buys a farmland plot in Arkansas and does all they can to adjust their lives and survive. Along the way, family patriarch Jacob Yi, played by The Walking Dead alum Steven Yeun, befriends a local man, Paul, to help plant and maintain his first crops. Will Patton portrays Paul, and Yellowstone fans will recognize him as Garrett Randall, a character introduced at Season 3's end.

Patton is a beloved actor, appearing in films such as Remember the Titans, Armageddon and — one of this writer's favorites — the 2000 Gone in 60 Seconds remake. On the TV side of things, he's appeared in Falling Skies, The Agency, and the short-lived Swamp Thing, based on the same name's DC Comics character. He pops up in two Yellowstone Season 3 episodes, "Meaner Than Evil" (Episode 9) and "The World is Purple" (Episode 10).

(Photo: A24 / Paramount Network)

His Yellowstone role is minor thus far, but he has significant ties to the Dutton Family. He is the biological father of Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley), who tracks him down at the end of Season 3. Garrett has a dark past as he murdered Jamie's biological mother, who he claims was a severe drug addict. Now released from prison, he claims his actions were done to save Jamie from living a similar life.

He plays a more positive character in Minari, although there are some compelling elements about his religious beliefs, which viewers of the A24 film will discover when they watch. However, Patton's performance is just as solid (if not more so), and fans of his work on the Paramount Network drama will surely enjoy it. Plus, the movie as a whole is phenomenal, so I can not recommend it more.

Minari is currently available on-demand and is a serious awards contender. The 115-minute movie, which features both English and subtitled Korean dialog, is nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Golden Globes, which airs Sunday. At the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Yeun is nominated for Outstanding Actor in a Leading Role. Youn Yuh-Jung is nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role. The entire ensemble, Patton included, is up for Outstanding Cast. The Academy Awards' nominations have not been released, but it will likely earn a handful of nominations there, as well.