'Yellowstone' Season 3 Finale: Who Will Die?

Yellowstone closes out its third season on Sunday, and for many, the first thought is about who is going to die as the season ends. The season has already created memorable moments for fans of the show, especially with Dutton son Jamie discovering that he is adopted. But the show has also promised a bloody end to the season, with at least one character dying.

So who is going to see their end on the finale? There won't be much time to delay the inevitable in the episode, it only has four extra minutes instead of a super-sized episode. So one death, with varying odds across the board, according to Esquire, is expected. But who is bulletproof and who is expendable?

A safe bet off the top is that Kevin Costner's John Dutton will survive, along with Kayce played by Luke Grimes and Rip played by Cole Hauser. That said, a loss in the Dutton clan could happen. Jamie has already been hit with a world-shaking revelation this season, meaning he could meet his end or he could be completely self. There is little middle ground for him. Then there is Beth, played by Kelly Reilly, who is another possibility due to her costly habits and her relation to the story this season.

That said, Esquire points out that season two of the series was not kind to Beth and killing her to close out this season would be piling on in a way. Also vulnerable are the ranch hands, Teeter, Colby and Walker.

But for Esquire, the expected death for them is Roarke, played by Lost actor John Holloway. He hired goons to attack the Dutton ranch and the rest of the ranchers now know this. Willa, played by Karen Pittman, is also a possibility that could pave the way for Beth to move up in the business. But their favorite to possibly die this week is Monica (Kelsey Chow).


Monica passing on would be a massive shock for the series and would close out season 3 with an intensity that should hold fans over until it returns for season 4. Still, Roarke could be the favorite to go given his role and comments made by Josh Holloway over at TV Line.

"He's gone worldwide, he's not afraid to cross the legal line and hire guns and all that kinda stuff. So to Roarke, John Dutton is just a small fish. Nothing so hard to deal with," Holloway said. "He just sees John Dutton as another kind of relic. Somebody trying to hold onto something that they are not going to be capable to hold onto, that they are not going to be able to afford. And that their pride is gonna make them lose everything, and he says as much to Beth (Kelly Reilly). So, I think he's just another deal." Yellowstone airs on Paramount Network at 9 p.m. ET and can be streamed on Peacock.