'Westworld' Star Reveals When Show Will Return

Westworld fans are closer to seeing new episodes than they think.

The hit show will return for its second season some time in spring 2018, according to actress Evan Rachel Wood.

Wood, who plays Dolores in the drama, spilled the news in response to a fan question about when the show would return to HBO.

She didn’t give an exact date, but fans were pleasantly surprised by the estimated time frame. Season one of the show debuted last October, leading many to believe the sophomore season would also air in the fall.

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The show’s executives had previously revealed they were taking ample time to ensure season two would be as strong as the first. This led the network to set aside extra time for the show’s scriptwriting and production.

Filming of Westworld season two is currently in progress, but one of the show’s units was forced to pause production Nov. 2 after a recurring actor suffered a “medical emergency.” HBO confirmed that the cast member, who was not named, was not on set when the injury occurred, but TMZ described it as “serious.”

After a successful freshman season of the show, which won four technical Emmys and was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series, as well as four nominations for individual actors, HBO is gearing up to position Westworld as its heavyweight series.


A combined look at live views, reruns, playbacks and streams put the show’s average viewership at 12 million per episode, making it the most watched first season in the network’s history, according to TV By the Numbers.

Once HBO’s biggest hit Game of Thrones wraps up its eighth and final season next year, Westworld is set to take over as the network’s most prominent series.