Vivica A. Fox Would 'Absolutely' Return to 'Young and the Restless' (Exclusive)

Since starting out in both film and television during the late '80s, Vivica A. Fox has been making all the right moves, leading her to one of the most illustrious and diversified filmographies among stars today. But while she's been busy lately between starring and producing movies for Lifetime while sharing life lessons on her podcast, the Indiana-born actress tells she has a soft spot for where she first started — in soaps with The Young and the Restless.

While in conversation for our series PopCulture @ Home about her new Lifetime moviesThe Wrong Wedding Planner and The Wrong Stepfather — set to premiere this month, Fox shared her humble appreciation for the daytime soap operas, where she first started her career almost 30 years ago. First starring on Days of Our Lives in 1989, Fox soon followed with a role in Generations between 1989 to 1991, and YR from 1994 to 1995 for 20 episodes. With the latter CBS series being a monumental one for Fox, she admits she would "absolutely" return to the show if given the opportunity to reprise her role as Stephanie Simmons, a doctor at Genoa City Memorial Hospital who eventually left town.

"I have so much love for soap operas," Fox said. "It's where I got my start. Soap operas [have] some of the most underrated actors, in my opinion. I learned everything. I learned how to cry, hit my mark, do a hair toss, be sexy, learn my lines to be able to do five shows a week. To learn to break down the script, just like that, from being on a soap. So if Young and the Restless ask for Stephanie to come back and do a cameo or do a short little stint, I would welcome it. Absolutely."

These days, Fox has been keeping busy with a number of projects, including two movies in the mega-successful "Wrong" movie franchise on Lifetime. When it comes to the movies' growing popularity among fans and social media, Fox humbly admits it's something she absolutely loves seeing and working on as an executive producer with the director, David DeCoteau. "I feel like it replaced — remember back in the day when the ladies used to love to read their Harlequin books and read their novels and escape? Well these are like sexy thrillers that you could just binge-watch and for me, I produce them as well as star in them, so I get an opportunity to play roles that maybe I wouldn't be cast in, in other movies. So, I get to cast myself as a producer."


While the multitalented actress goes on to share how directing is "absolutely" in her future, she is "really happy" with the team, Hybrid Films — the masterminds behind the "Wrong" movie franchise. "We make an excellent team and every year we produce five to six films for Lifetime Movie Network and Lifetime, and we usually do like five thrillers and one Christmas movie. So, we're kind of waiting for corona because the fans are waiting for more, but these two that we've got coming up for you guys are just wonderful."

The Wrong Wedding Planner premieres July 17 at 8 p.m. ET and The Wrong Stepfather premieres on July 31 at 8 p.m. ET, both on Lifetime. Check your local listings. For more with Fox and all your favorite stars, keep it locked to for the latest!