'Today Show': Kathie Lee Gifford Could Be Fired From Morning Show

Another Today show shake-up could be coming, as a new report indicates that co-host Kathie Lee [...]

Another Today show shake-up could be coming, as a new report indicates that co-host Kathie Lee Gifford could be fired from the morning talk show.

According to a source that spoke with Radar, NBC is reportedly interested in dropping Gifford in favor of someone younger.

"Executives at Today have quietly been looking for a replacement for Kathie Lee. NBC wants younger viewers, and at 65, she's long in the tooth," the source stated. "They want someone who can be a female counterpart to Craig Melvin, who isn't even 40 yet."

In addition to NBC's concerns, the source says that Gifford herself has also been unhappy in her role as of late, after she was left alone when her fourth-hour of Today co-cost Hoda Kotb was promoted to a show co-host position.

"NBC has made it clear how little they care about Kathie Lee and now she's doing the same," the source went on to say. "She took weeks off to film a movie in Scotland and if something comes up with her kids, she takes the day off."

"Her favorite producer, Adam Miller, quit the show and she's terrified Megyn Kelly's producers will be transferred to her show and ruin it," the source later added. "Kathie Lee would be just as happy devoting her time to books, movies and more appearances on Christian broadcasts."

As the source references, Gifford leaving the show would not be the first big Today host exit of the year, as Megyn Kelly recently exited her hour of morning series — dubbed Megyn Kelly Today — after she made some controversial comments about the use of blackface for Halloween comments.

The host invited a panel of guests on for a roundtable discussion and ended up landing herself in hot water over her defense of blackface, which has a long history of perpetuating racist stereotypes.

She subsequently apologized for her comments, saying on the air, "I want to begin with two words, I'm sorry."

"The country feels so divided and I have no wish to add to that pain and offense," Kelly added. "I believe this is a time for more understanding, more love, more sensitivity and honor..Thank you for listening and for helping me listen too."

Ultimately, NBC and Kelly parted ways, leaving her hour of Today to be filled the remaining hosts.