'This Is Us': First Season 3 Photos Revealed

This Is Us returns for its third season in just under one month, and Entertainment Weekly has the first photos from the upcoming episodes.

The first image is one of a young Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore), who appear to be at some sort of fair together on their first official date after Jack spotted Rebecca in a bar.

A clean-shaven Jack sports a wool coat with the collar turned up while Rebecca holds a half-eaten candy apple and rocks a pink beret as she talks to her future husband.

Speaking EW, Moore noted that the road from dating to marriage isn't totally smooth for the pair.

"People expect it to be a straight line to finding one another and living happily ever after — and that may not be the case," she said.

While Season 2 of the show ultimately let viewers in on how Jack tragically died, Season 3 will begin to look at his past and how he became the man fans fell in love with.

"It's extremely good television to watch these two have their origin story," series creator Dan Fogelman shared. "It's always interesting after you lose somebody — which we kind of feel like we did with Jack this past season — to almost go in and put in those old video tapes and watch them at much earlier stage of life. And I think that's what this feels like."

The second snap sees Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) waiting in an office that has something to do with children. While Beth calmly reads a magazine, Randall looks anxious, though the reason the couple is in the office is unclear.

See the photos here.

It's possible their visit is in relation to new foster child Deja (Lyric Ross), or one of their other daughters, Tess (Eris Baker) and (Faithe Herman).

"Something is going to transpire with Tess, and how does Deja fit in to the family?" Brown said. "After the end of last season, she's not what one would call a happy camper. How do Randall and Beth deal with trying to make her feel as welcomed as possible — and growing and expanding their family?"

Fogelman previously told EW that the upcoming season is the show's "most ambitious" yet.

"There's humor and love and levity after a very heavy season which I always like when we do," he said. "And then… some wallops. It's our most ambitious season. It's going to pack a great deal of emotion, and the story lines are going to surprise people."


This Is Us returns Sept. 25 on NBC.

Photo Credit: NBC