'The View' Co-Host Whoopi Goldberg Reveals What It Would Take to Leave Talk Show

Whoopi Goldberg has been sitting at the discussion table of The View for more than a decade now, [...]

Whoopi Goldberg has been sitting at the discussion table of The View for more than a decade now, but is she ready to leave? After first joining the ABC talk show in 2007, her voice of logic and calm has earned her multiple Daytime Emmy Awards and even a win for Outstanding Talk Show Host alongside Joy Behar, former then-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sherri Shepherd and Barbara Walters in 2009. Now, she moderates the "Hot Topics" with co-hosts Behar, Meghan McCain, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines, and Ana Navarro, and while she has seen more than just a few of her co-workers come and go throughout her 14-year tenure, Goldberg says she is there to stay.

During a recent all-encompassing interview with Variety, the talk show moderator got candid about "the minute" she will consider leaving The View. Goldberg said she is "there until I don't think I can do it anymore." For the actress, that time hasn't come just "yet," and "as long as they allow me to do both [acting and hosting], I can do it." However, "the minute they say, 'No, you can't,' then I have to figure out what to do."

Goldberg's comments come after rumors that she was considering leaving the talk show for good have come and gone in waves over the years, the latest of those rumors appearing in February when the National Enquirer reported that a "battle-weary" Goldberg was preparing to "give up" her role in at the "daily circus." That report, which was quickly debunked by Gossip Cop, alleged Goldberg was ready to leave behind "battling" panelists as she "is just worn out by having to manage the war of egos and over-the-top behavior on the show" and was wishing to put her full focus on acting. A similar story from The Globe in 2020 alleged Goldberg's arguments with McCain were driving her to retire from the talk show. An ABC spokesperson quickly denied those rumors, stating that "someone is trying to create drama where there is none." Similar rumors arose in 2019 after Goldberg told The New York Times Magazine that The View wasn't "enough" for her creatively.

For now, though, fans can rest easy knowing that Goldberg doesn't have plans to leave The View anytime soon. Goldberg does, however, plan to keep splitting her time between the talk show and other career endeavors. According to the Variety report, Goldberg is currently writing a script for an original superhero film about an older Black woman, reprising her role as Deloris Van Cartier in Sister Act 3, producing the film The Emmett Till Story, and possibly gearing up for a return as Guinan on Star Trek: Picard.