'The Purge' TV Series Unveils Commencement Sneak Peek

The Purge TV series is on its way, and a new sneak peek went up this weekend showing the event's big Commencement.

This week, the USA Network's TV adaptation of the beloved horror franchise The Purge will begin with what appears to be relative safety. As Fridays teaser shows, the wealthy elite in this fictional society have high-security lock down system, which they believe will protect them from the chaos outside. However, if the ominous music is any indication, that will not be the case.

The scene is set in a massive ballroom, with a digital clock over the door counting down the Commencement of The Purge.

On a balcony overhead, Ellie (Andrea Frankle) and Albert Stanton (Reed Diamond) give a short, chipper speech to the gathered donors and socialites. Below them, various characters embody some of the many possible reactions to an event like The Purge, including horror, excitement, fear and a mixture of all of these into one.

"I like to call our donations long-term idealogical investments," Albert says. "Our support of the NFFA helps them implement policies and programs we believe in, including The Purge, the great liquidator of our time."

As the clock creeps toward zero, the Stantons hit a remote button, causing metal shields to drop down over all of the massive, picturesque windows. On the insides, they are all covered in screens, which display an American flag, soothing images and the NFFA symbol. The assembled crowd cheers, but something about the tight space seems foreboding in its own way.

The show has other, more light-hearted promotions, including a few fake info-mercials for Purge-related products. The USA Network posted an ad for "Purge Away" on YouTube, a cleaning solution for purgers to get blood or other stains out action is over.

The Purge is expected to be a limited series for now, though if it is successful there is no doubt that more will follow.


The 10-episode-long season was written almost entirely by James DeMonaco, the writer behind all four Purge movies so far. Rather than adapting those stories for TV, this show will tell all new stories in that morally ambiguous world. However, it will likely follow some of the conventions established by other TV adaptations of movies, as it features producers and crew members who have worked on shows like Rush Hour.

The Purge premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 4 at 10 p.m. ET on the USA Network.