Drake Thought 'Sons of Anarchy' Was Just Revived for 2 More Seasons, But He Was Wrong

Drake fell for a fake headline about Sons of Anarchy being revived for two more seasons. The "Hotline Bling" rapper shared his excitement about the show coming back earlier this week, but it was all for nothing. He shared a headline from the Indian website Dkoding claiming the show was coming back, based on an incorrect reading of past reports about creator Kurt Sutter's planned and unmade Sons of Anarchy projects.

The headline Drake shared reads, "The Motorcycle Gang is Back: Sons of Anarchy Renewed for Two More Seasons." In the story, the author appears to be interpreting the First 9 and Sam Crow projects as "more seasons" of Sons of Anarchy. It is true that Sutter once said he wanted to develop two more Sons series, a prequel on the First 9 members of the SAMCRO club and a sequel series about the sons of Charlie Hunnam's Jax Teller called Sam Crow.

"Dear [Drake], as much as I wish this was true... it alas, is not," Sutter wrote on Instagram, alongside a screenshot of Drake's post. "And although you knew that, I can't help thinking... 'Though this be madness, yet there is method in't.' Thanks for the love."

Sons of Anarchy aired seven seasons on FX and ended in 2014. The only additional series set in the universe to reach fruition is Mayans M.C., which debuted in September 2018 and will return for a third season later this year. Sutter frequently talked about expanding the Sons universe even more, but those projects will likely not happen after Disney fired Sutter in October 2019 over complaints of his managerial style.


In an interview with Deadline, Sutter said he was not optimistic about the other projects ever being made since Disney now owns the Sons of Anarchy franchise. He said he saw the prequel about Jax's father as a nine- to 10-episode limited series, or possibly even as long feature-length episodes like the BBC's Sherlock.

"I love the idea of doing four two-hour episodes. The way I write, the episodes are way longer than they are supposed to be anyway. So that to me would have been ideal," Sutter explained. He later said the movies would follow John Teller's experiences in Vietnam before he helped establish the motorcycle club. "I wanted to really let the time and place and politics influence story. Tonally, I think it would have been a little different than Sons," the writer explained. "But that’s as far as I got. I never sat down and started breaking story. I just knew, that’s where I wanted to begin, that’s where I wanted it to end and I knew it was a one-off. Right now, the possibility of that is not going to happen. Over time, who knows?"