'Sons of Anarchy' Cast Reunites as Finale's 7-Year Anniversary Nears

The love of Sons of Anarchy is just a strong as ever, and the cast is coming together to celebrate that fandom. Four of the FX drama series' cast members recently reunited at Comic-Con Liverpool. Star Kim Coates, who played Tig Traeger on SoA, shared a snap of the meet-up, which also included Ron Perlman, Tommy Flanagan and Mark Boone Junior.

Perlman also shared the shot over on his Instagram, captioning it, "The fab four back in Liverpool, where it all began." Upon seeing the image, the crews' former co-star Kenny Johnson chimed in, writing, "I'm so bummed I couldn't come to F with all. The best dude that always got my back. Even Kim."

This reunion comes just a few weeks ahead of what will be the seventh anniversary of the show's finale. On Dec.9, 2014, Sons of Anarchy aired its last episode, "Papa's Goods," which creator Kurt Sutter wrote and directed. The episode wrapped up the saga of Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), while also setting SAMCRO up for the future. Fans have gotten to see some of that future in the spinoff show Mayans M.C. Several Sons of Anarchy characters play major parts in the show, and some of them even die as a result of the series' plotlines.

However, the show's co-creator, Elgin James wants SoA fans to know that while they love and respect the Sons of Anarchy universe, they won't be afraid to continue forging their own path. "Of course we are proud to come from this world, this mythology, and this universe," James told Entertainment Weekly earlier in 2021. "We've been twisting ourselves for seasons, the actors, everybody, to let everyone know that. But at the same time, this is our show and this is our world. So to answer the question as to whether our M.C. will get into trouble each season and then call up the white cavalry to come save them? Probably f-ing not."


Sons of Anarchy is currently streaming on Hulu. The show's spinoff series, Mayans M.C., airs on FX, with past episodes available on Hulu.