‘Sons of Anarchy’ Fans Are Blown Away by ‘Foreshadowing’ for Finale Through First Season

Sons of Anarchy fans have been taking to social media to discuss how foreshadowing for the series [...]

Sons of Anarchy fans have been taking to social media to discuss how foreshadowing for the series finale all through the first season has them blown away. On Reddit, a frequent re-watcher of the show wrote, "This show was so crafty with its writing from show one." They then praised how it foreshadows the ending from the beginning, and add that "it's not until [you] find out the ending that you instantly want to start over."

Another user agreed with this and replied, " Absolutely!! The one line from Episode 1 for me, is when Jax says to Clay, 'It ain't easy being king.' Followed by Clay's response of, 'You remember that!'" Someone else then brought up Opie's wife Donna and cited her death as something they found to be foreshadowing. "The way Clay and Tig went Lone Rangers on it were the first steps towards that downward spiral," the user explained, then adding that they noticed this was when Jax's attitude towards Clay charged. "Not to mention Piney and Opie's issues that result from this," the user continued. "She was the one truly innocent I feel that died."

Over on Twitter, Series creator Kurt Sutter addressed another foreshadowing from the pilot episode to the finale. He was asked about the use of two different versions of Elvis' "Can't Help Falling in Love," one in the show's first episode and the other in its last. The fan wanted to know if this was on purpose. Sutter replied that "of course" it was intentional, then joking that he was always a "big abuser of the 'callback.'" He added, "There are so many in the series. I can't remember them all."

Back over on Reddit, a user addressed the deaths of "innocent" characters, pointing out that they remembered a kid being killed during a "drive-by." The user also cited Deputy Chief David Hale (played by Taylor Sheridan), as another innocent death. "I'd argue he was the only real 'good guy' on the show," the user said, then saying that he wasn't "such a straight-and-narrow cop" that he would refuse to work with SAMCRO "when necessary for the safety of the town," but that he "generally tried to do the right thing." The user also added that he was nowhere near as deep in with the Sons as Chief Wayne Unser was.