Another 'Sons of Anarchy' Character Died in Tonight's 'Mayans M.C.' Episode

It didn't take long for things to take off during episode seven of Mayans M.C. Season 3. Fans knew a violent war would start based on what they witnessed in the previous episode, but no one could predict what would happen next. After EZ (JD Pardo) got shot by Flaco (Roberto Garcia) from the Stockton charter, Bishop (Michael Irby) and his crew sought revenge. In the end, a character familiar to Sons of Anarchy fans bit the dust. Spoilers ahead for Season 3, Episode 7.

After finding out that Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) chose to defend Stockton, Bishop chose to take matters into his own hands. The president then attempted to cut a deal with the Los Asesino de Dios chapter in hopes of turning the Mayans back into "outlaws. Right when he thought he had a deal in the bag, the situation took a violent turn. The idea for Santo Padre was to team up with Los Asesino de Dios, and he planned on using them to get to the president of Stockton, Oscar Ramos (Ivo Nandi), who notably appeared in several episodes of Sons of Anarchy Season 7. But it turns out Los Asesino turned their backs on Santo Padre.

What eventually turned into an all-out, deathly brawl inside a local motel between all three charters, EZ laid his eyes on Ramos with hopes of seeking revenge after being shot in the torso. While he wasn't able to get his hands on him then, after the cops broke up the fight and several members ended up in handcuffs, Ramos was taken away by police. At the time, Ramos and his crew thought he was off the hook, but little did everyone know that the officer escorting Ramos away was in good with EZ and allowed the Santo Padre member to shoot Ramos in the back of the cop car. That meant Mayans M.C. killed off yet another character with ties to Sons of Anarchy.

Following his revenge, the deal was to let the two Santo Padre members who were in cuffs back at the motel off the hook. As EZ walked away, fans were able to see his sigh of relief. However, it didn't last long. By the end of the night, he joined Gaby (Sulem Calderon) back at her house with her family as he tried to participate in a family dinner, but clearly, he was distraught.


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