'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Clears up Confusion About Happy in 'Mayans M.C.'

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter has cleared up any confusion that fans may have about Happy from his Mayans M.C. appearance. On Instagram, a fan asked about Happy and stated that he seems to be "just wasting away at home" when he shows up in Mayans. In terms of the timeline, the fan noted that this would have been about two years after the intense events of the Sons of Anarchy finale.

Sutter then set the record straight regarding the beloved SAMCRO member. "Wasting away? Happy [played by David LaBrava] had a nice house outside of Charming. And in future episodes, you see that he is very much part of the M.C." Sutter then quipped, "Maybe you were watching my new show, Las Verdaderas Ancianans de Santo Padre. Wednesday nights at 9 on UniMas." Notably, "Las Verdaderas Ancianans de Santo Padre" translates to "The True Elders of the Holy Father." It is not a real show.

Sutter is well-known for answering fan questions on social media, but he also doesn't shy away from more serious conversations, either. Back in May, Sutter sat down with Deadline and discussed the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and how he saw it impacting the film and TV production industry. "I don't think any of this starts back up until there can be some sort of protocol that people at least feel like, based on what we know, you are doing everything to keep me safe, right? And obviously, there are factors in this virus and the way it spreads that we may not know for some time," he said. "But based on what we know now, for us to gear back up, there has to be a certain level of confidence that there will be a protocol in place that makes people feel safe. And we're not there yet, man."

He then added, regarding when productions could feasibly resume again, "I think there has to be enough progress made in terms of testing where, you know, the are levels of protocol put in place that make people feel safe, you know? In the short term if people want to get back to work, there is going to have to be that psychic shift that everyone is going to have to make. If they can't make it, they should just wait until they can do business as usual. I think it has to be from top to bottom, a sense of collaboration and understanding, or it ain't going to work, you know?"