'SNL' Playfully Teases 'Property Brothers'-Inspired News Segment Sketch

Saturday Night Live seemed to poke fun at the Property Brothers with their own pair of celebrity twin entrepreneurs in a new sketch.

The sketch, which revolved around a news segment introduced two twins, played by Mikey Day and Alex Moffat, who are experts in investments, but a typo in the graphics made the spotlight on the brothers a little awkward.

"Dylan and Robbie Donahue, Denver-based investment managers who have a new book hitting shelves today and a new CNBC show about investing that premiered this week," the anchor, played by Cecily Strong.

"Move over Property Brothers, here come the Incest Twins," she added.

The camera then shifted to the interview with the twins, led by a reported played by host Liev Schreiber. The two brothers seem to be uncomfortably close and the co-anchor interrupts the interview for a clarification.

"I am told I misspoke and referred to the Donahue brothers as the 'Incest Twins,' I meant to say the 'Invest Twins'.. Invest with a V... One letter makes a big difference there."

As the interview continues, things get more awkward as the brothers playfully kiss each other on the cheek and make punny jokes, unaware of the news station's mistake in the studio.

"I wish my brother and I were that close," Schreiber's character says at one point.

"So, how did you two decided to go from brothers to partners?" he said, causing laughs from the audience.

"Look, a partnership is all about putting your trust in someone and I'd rather put it in family. Call me crazy..." Robbie (Moffat) says.

"I bet mom and dad are proud of you," Schreiber says.

"Yeah, yeah. Mom and dad really love to watch," Dylan (Day) says, along a graphic that reads: "Incest Twins: I'd rather put it in the family."

"Our dad even records it and shows it to his friends," Robbie says.

The co-anchor then returns to give the audience a clarification that it should say Invest Twins, not Incest Twins.

The interview continues with them answering fans' tweets on the air, which all go to a dark yet hilarious place after the news station's mistake.

"The Denver Police Department tweeted, 'en route to your location,'" leading them to cheer on.

The twins then introduce their new book called "Keep It In the Family, and the station's covers the graphic leading to an even bigger misunderstanding. Things get even more awkward after the two introduce their sister. And later their grandmother.


"I'm at my happiest when the whole family comes together," she says as they all kiss and hug, making everyone uncomfortable.

Saturday Night Live airs weekly at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.